Talk on the G20 focus area Africa with Parliamentary State Secretary Jens Spahn MdB

Jens Spahn, Member of the Bundestag and Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finances visited the Westerwelle Foundation.

How can sustainable economic progress be achieved in Africa? This is one of the questions the German government seeks to provide answers to as part of if its G20 presidency. Jens Spahn, Member of the Bundestag and Parliamentary State Secretary visited the Westerwelle Foundation to present the Ministry of Finance’s new initiative in this field, the “Compact with Africa”-programme. The initiative’s main goal is to promote private investment in Africa.

In his introductory remarks, Michael Mronz, Chairmain of the Westerwelle Foundation, drew a mixed picture of the African continent: On the one hand, he argued, significant successes have been achieved in the last decades. On the other hand, however, massive challenges to growth persist in the region.

State Secretary Spahn shared Mr. Mronz’s judgement, explaining that Africa should be seen as a continent of possibilities, not least because of its young and dynamic societies. Yet he also warned that not all countries had already put in place legal, economic, and social frameworks suited to attract private investments. However, he did not fail to mention that his ongoing collaboration with the five compact states – Tunisia, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal and the Ivory Coast – gave him hope for the future.

After his talk, Spahn answered the questions of the political and economic representatives present at the event.