Vocational Education

The German Vocational Education and Training System as an international role model

All over the world the German Vocational Education and Training System has an excellent reputation, which is related especially to the positive economic development of recent years. Germany’s youth-unemployment-rate of under eight percent is the lowest of all European states. With its high training rate, the so called “German Mittelstand” plays a key role in offering prospects to young people. The international interest in the German Vocational Education and Training System has increased immensely in the past few years – especially in emerging and developing countries.

Based on this interest, the Westerwelle Foundation invited vocational education stakeholders oand experts to a round table discussion with ambassadors of interested countries in order to measure and to weigh what kind of experiences they have made with transferring systems and what the chances and the main challenges are to establish comparable systems.

It became obvious that especially the willingness of local companies to invest in apprenticeships for their own qualified employees needs to be fostered in future. The Westerwelle Foundation wants to contribute to this challenge und will continue its engagement in this field.