One Year Anniversary of Startup Haus Tunis


One year ago, on March 15th, the Startup Haus Tunis was officially inaugurated by the German Ambassador Dr Andreas Reinicke. Since then, the Startup Haus has become an important actor and stakeholder within the startup ecosystem of Tunis.

Startup Haus Tunis

Situated in the heart of downtown Tunis, the centre provides young entrepreneurs with infrastructure and consulting services in order to support them in building their ventures. On 500 square metres the Startup Haus Tunis provides three individual offices and and a co-working space for up to 40 people, which are almost entirely occupied. In cooperation with partners, the space hosts and organizes public events, workshops and mentoring programmes on a regular basis. The Startup Haus also arouses international interest. In the past year, numerous business delegations from various countries visited the centre and we welcomed, amongst others, the former President of Germany Christian Wulff, the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dr Gerd Müller, as well as the German Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel.

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