Scholarship Programme with the DO School

The Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding supports young talents from all over the world to participate in the One-Year Program of The DO School. The cooperation with the non-profit organisation started in March 2015 with the foundation providing five scholarships for fellows from Egypt, India, Jamaica, Kenya and Uganda.

The DO School’s One-Year Program was developed to support emerging social entrepreneurs and young talents in implementing their business ideas and setting up enterprises. This approach coincides with the philosophy of the Westerwelle Foundation, which strives to emancipate more people around the world by creating opportunities for them through entrepreneurial training, education and networking. And by doing so fostering economic success and democratic participation.

The One-Year Program starts with a ten-week incubation phase at The DO School in Hamburg. During this time period 20 participants between 21 and 31 years of age work on the solution of a problem which is presented to them by an NGO or a company – the so-called Challenge. Following the incubation phase, the participants return to their respective countries to continue working on the establishment of their own ventures. They continuously receive support and advice from mentors of The DO School.

In 2016 the next One-Year program will take place, and the call for applicants has already started. The Westerwelle Foundation will be providing five new scholarships.