Chancellor Merkel visits Startup Haus Tunis


In the course of her trip to Egypt and Tunisia, Angela Merkel visited the Startup Haus Tunis and participated in a roundtable discussion with young entrepreneurs.

Evonik-Personalvorstand Thomas Wessel im Gespräch mit Bundeskanzlerin Merkelund Minister Müller

German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel recently travelled to Egypt and Tunisia. In the course of this visit, she discussed the economic relations between these two countries and Germany with Presidents Essebsi and Al Sisi. As her trip came to a close, chancellor. Merkel visited the Startup Haus Tunis, together with Dr. Gerd Müller, German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Tunisian Minister of Labour, Imed Hammami.

The chancellor and the ministers were greeted by the Westerwelle Foundation’s chairman, Michael Mronz. Minister Müller’s introduction of a new cooperation project was followed by a roundtable discussion with young Tunisian entrepreneurs. The chancellor and the ministers took the time to listen to five young entrepreneurs relay the situation for young founders in Tunisia. Their accounts encompassed questions of legal hurdles, financing, and the ecosystem for start-ups in the country. All the participants lauded the Startup Haus’s contribution and the chancellor herself was impressed by the wide range of services provided by the centre, which include training, mentoring programs, as well as coaching.

During their visit to the Startup Haus, chancellor Merkel and minister Müller also talked to Evonik’s labour director, Thomas Wessel. He explained the planned cooperation between Evonik and the Westerwelle Foundation in Rwanda. Following the successful launch in Tunis, a second Startup Haus is projected to open in the Rwandan capital of Kigali by the end of the year. This centre for entrepreneurship will provide services aimed at start-ups and young people who have successfully finished an apprenticeship and seek to start their own business.