Centre for Entrepreneurship in Tunis

Tunisia embarked upon a long journey to democracy and market economy after the Arab Spring, and has stayed on its course despite setbacks. The Westerwelle Foundation wants to support this country with all its opportunities on its developmental journey. Now is precisely the time that Tunisia needs new impulses and new perspectives.

The Westerwelle Foundation believes in a connection between economic success and democratic participation. For this reason, we want to support young adults in fully realizing their potential and gaining economic independence.

Together with partner enpact e.V. the foundation established a centre for entrepreneurs in Tunis. On March 15th 2016, the "Startup Haus Tunis" was officially opened. It will function as a central contact point for entrepreneurs and start-ups in Tunisia, a one-stop-shop for all relevant services and information on the subject of entrepreneurship. Collaborating with local partners, Westerwelle Foundation and enpact e.V. aim to gather services and initiatives in one location, developing and reasonably complement them. Additionally, the centre will assist young entrepreneurs by offering them the required office space and the opportunity of exchanging ideas with like-minded peers, as well as offering access to mentoring programmes and contact to potential investors.

The Westerwelle Foundation had earlier invited representatives of the business, political and civil sector to the Roundtable on the Issue of Entrepreneurship in Tunisia to provide information on the planned project with its partner enpact e.V., as well as to receive feedback on likely challenges and opportunities the project presents. As a result of this roundtable, partnerships were initiated and are now in the process of being consolidated.