Fellowship for Young Designer from South Africa

Impulses for talents - that is often enough for young people to give them a prospect of an independent and self-determined life. As such, as part of its scholarship program, Westerwelle Foundation supported South African fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo in cooperation with Apya Productions to take part in the Africa Fashion Day during the Berlin Fashion Week at the beginning of July 2014, including an exhibition booth at the Premium Fashion Fair. Laduma Ngxokolo presented his collection Maxhosa during the acclaimed Urban Fashion Night and won the Premium Young Designers Award, which granted his attendance for the Fashion Week in January 2015.

Practical Knowledge and International Network

Additionally, the 29-year-old designer completed an internship-visit in Germany attending workshops in the fashion industry, in order to strengthen his practical knowledge and build-up an international network. Westerwelle Foundation Secretary General explained:

"We see an opportunity here to break down prejudices by supporting a young rising African designer and turn his talent into a sustainable economic model. In addition, this project enables new partnerships."

Thereby, the Westerwelle Foundation made a significant contribution to building international partnerships and through promoting young entrepreneurial talent it is strengthening international stability. The fashion designer can carry home the new knowledge and experience he acquired in Germany and spread it further.

Ngxokolo, who is about to market his Maxhosa collection internationally, acknowledged the value of the scholarship. “Especially in the fashion world, appearances at major events such as the Berlin Fashion Week are a basis for any success and it is priceless”, he says. “I am incredibly glad that I got this scholarship from the Westerwelle Foundation. Also, now through my internship-visit I obtained practical experience in the fashion industry. This was a unique opportunity for me to learn from established brands.”