Westerwelle Foundation Fellows attend Chatham House Conference

For Natasha Israt Kabir from Bangladesh and Oladapo Kayode Opasina from Nigeria it was an exceptional experience and a great opportunity. As scholars of the Westerwelle Foundation they took part in the Chatham House Conference “Europe’s Strategic Choices: Building Prosperity and Security” from October 17th to 19th in Berlin and exchanged ideas with senior representatives from politics, economics and science.

Many young people from all around the world applied for two scholarships that the Westerwelle Foundation offered as a cooperation partner for the Conference. Through its scholarship programme the Foundation aimed at setting an initiative for international dialogue and exchange. Natasha Israt Kabir and Oladapo Kayode Opasina emerged as the most promising candidates. 30-year-old Natasha Israt Kabir is the Founder and President of Bangladesh Reform Initiatives for Development, Governance and Empowerment Foundation. Oladapo Kayode Opasina, 35, recently finished his doctoral studies in politics, human rights and sustainability from renowned Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna University in Pisa, Italy. For both scholars it was their first visit to Berlin and to Germany overall.

At the Chatham House Conference, the scholarship fellows had the opportunity to meet and make contacts with senior international decision-makers. From panels to break-out sessions both of them actively engaged in discussions and took part in dialogues during lunch and breaks. The scholars were intellectually on par with other conference participants and their experience from political and personal lives provided a sound basis for meaningful discussions. Both of them were extremely impressed by the Conference. Upon returning home Natasha Israt Kabir wrote about her experience in an online platform "The Bangladesh Today", that it was one of the most memorable journeys she has ever had in her life.