About the Imarisha Incubation Programme 

Entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in creating and promoting sustainable solutions to combat climate change. However, many impact-driven founders lack the business education and financial management skills to enable profitability for their ventures.

To address this, the Imarisha incubation programme provided 15 women climate entrepreneurs with financial and business training.

Programme Benefits


Access to a dedicated workspace, resources, and mentorship, all designed to help accelerate the growth and development of the businesses.

Financial literacy training

Customised workshops to run projects with revenue generating business models to create a sustainable impact.

Financial management consultations

Financial management coaching and advisory

 Access to finance support

Access to finance and grant fundraising workshops to increase understanding of the financial opportunities at their disposal to grow their businesses.




“We are building a financially included and empowered community of women entrepreneurs and sustainable climate resilience businesses.”

– Christine Gimonge, Programme Coordinator, WSH Arusha

Programme Donors

Thank you to the Netherlands Embassy in Tanzania for enabling this programme to power female climate entrepreneurs.

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