Safety Measures

COVID-19 - Frequent Cleaning

Frequent Cleaning

COVID-19 - Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing

COVID-19 - Behavioral Signage

Behavioral Signage

COVID-19 - Individualized Work Solutions

Individualized Work Solutions

WSH Guidelines

We implemented a series of guidelines and procedures tailored to our unique workspace, regarding health, sanitation and appropriate social distancing. We have made various modifications in our spaces design, implemented new guidelines and procedures and built new products and services that are tailored to our workspace.

As part of this standard, we are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure a flexible, safe and healthy workspace for our members, best adapted to this post-COVID-19 period.

Information about COVID-19

Pascal Decuir

“Seeing all the changes the Westerwelle Startup Haus has implemented, I feel safe to come to the space every day knowing that it is taken seriously.”

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