Entrepreneurship Support Programmes

Young Founders Programme

Young Founders Programme

The Young Founders Programme is an entrepreneurship programme focused on accelerating startups from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. During the 6-month programme the startups get the chance to grow their businesses while interacting with their international mentors, matched buddies, gain practical knowledge from peers, and receive valuable resources from the expert sessions. 50 young founders from emerging markets shall be given the chance to expand their network and practical knowledge while simultaneously applying it in their fast-growing ventures.

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WSH Kigali Entrepreneurship Programme

In the sprightly startup eco-system of Kigali, the selected startups are building their dreams within the walls of the Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali. The 9-month acceleration programme accommodates 20 startups which have access to professional services, a vibrant community, and our unique Makerspace. Every startup gets boosted with the knowledge expansion by highly experienced experts and are given the opportunity to create corporate partnership with local and international partners. At the end of the programme, every founder is prepared to receive funding for their startups.

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WSH Tunis Entrepreneurship Programme

Tunisian fast-growing startups from different industries get the opportunity to expand their activities through our Entrepreneurship Programme. This acceleration programme is focused on creating connection with valuable partners while enlarging the practical knowledge and implementation of each startup. Highly experienced experts stand beside the founders to fine-tune their approach and tailor their offering to the needs. During the 6-month programme the founders get access to our vibrant community of international founders and partners and are fully immersed in the comfort of other entrepreneurs in the Startup Haus.

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SHEignites Programme

The SHEignites programme focuses on increasing awareness of and empowering women working on solutions to combat climate change. This includes businesses in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, environmental conservation, and inclusive financial systems. The programme kicks off with a hackathon for 100+ women entrepreneurs, after which the top 15 teams are invited to join an 11-month incubation programme to launch their businesses. The programme is supported by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs and Global Affairs Canada.

Ideate Rwanda

Ideate Rwanda is a programme for young social innovators. Starting with a hackathon for 80+ aspiring entrepreneurs and continuing with a 4-month capacity building programme for the top 10 teams, the goal of the programme is to support students and other young entrepreneurs in transitioning from an idea to a validated business. The programme is implemented in partnership with the US Embassy in Rwanda and focuses on solving social challenges.


In coorperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, WSH Tunis has created a 6-month in-house incubation programme which incubates 10 entrepreneurs who shall design and build social ventures. The ventures get access to the entire Westerwelle Foundation eco-system to ideate, design, and shape their startup to impact their local communities. The startups are immersed in an exciting workplace at the WSH Tunis where they receive practical knowledge attuned to their needs, opportunity to network, and build and test their ideas fast during the bootcamp. These social ventures shall receive a great amount of exposure and recognition for their sustainability during our demo day.


Tech Meets Farming

In partnership with Universcience our WSHK Makerspace introduced their first programme ‘Tech Meets Farming’ that will equip the participants with the necessary skills, tools, and expertise to leverage modern technology for better farming efficiency. The 2-month program has three stages: Seed Development, Sowing & Planting and Harvesting & Storage. Each stage will go through a series of 4 modules covering the use of theoretical knowledge, the use of equipment’s in the makerspace and practical application.

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