About the SHIELD Support Program

Compliance, Integrity, and Transparency, are topics that many Tunisian start-ups do not consider or have expertise in. Working in these fields and together with public sector institutions is not common for startups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Tunisia. We wanted to build a programme that addresses these challenges and brings value in a new area in order to strengthen the ecosystem as a whole.

This idea is what led to SHIELD: The Startup Haus Integrity Entrepreneurship Leadership and Development Support Program (SHIELD).

The goals of the programme are firstly to help Tunisian startups strengthen their compliance and integrity mechanisms, boost product validation, and access larger markets, as well as secondly to facilitate partnerships between startups and public sector institutions.

The programme is divided into three phases:

  • Raising awareness on compliance, integrity, and transparency in the ecosystem
  • Support programme for 15 selected startups
  • Building partnerships between startups and public sector institutions

Programme Benefits


Expert consultation on compliance and regulation


Compliance certification

Expert Sessions

Tailored business support


Free Access

Free software tools to Free software tools and access to coworking


Private & public sector connections


Access to the global Westerwelle Foundation network

Expert Sessions

Visibility & connections in the Tunisian Startup Ecosystem


Participation in the StartupGov Innovation Conference and Conference in Berlin

Programme Donors

Warm thank you to GIZ Tunisia for their support in bringing to life the first programme in Tunisia focused on collaboration between startups and the public sector.

This program is organized by GIZ Tunisia through the project (LuCCRI) mandated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

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