About ENBA

The Energy Network for Berlin & Africa bridges green energy innovation ecosystems. It offers Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups a comprehensive platform for exploration, learning, and growth. The 12-month program, co-funded by the Berlin Senate, catalyses market entry and business collaboration opportunities. It does so by advising and facilitating strategic partnerships between green energy businesses in Berlin and target countries across Africa.

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Programme Benefits

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Benefit from specialized training programs that equip your team with the insights and skills required to thrive in the African energy landscape.

Strategic Network Building

Create lasting and impactful collaborations with key stakeholders, industry experts, and potential partners both in Berlin and Africa.

Delegation Trips

Explore first-hand the local ecosystem, meet industry leaders, and forge meaningful connections through curated delegation trips.

Access to Resources

From market insights and regulatory guidance to potential funding opportunities, we provide the support needed for your success in the African energy sector .




Join the ENBA Network

Reach out to gentry@westerwelle-foundation.com to learn more.

Programme Donors

Our thanks to Berlin Senate for their continuous support in enabling the Energy Network for Berlin & Africa, driving sustainable growth and empowering Berlin and African innovation ecosystems.

The ENBA programme is implemented by the Westerwelle Foundation with support from the Program for Internationalisation which is mandated by the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises and promotes the expansion of bilateral regional relations by supporting projects that serve to sustainably strengthen economic cooperation between Berlin and foreign companies, networks and industries.

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