About Back2Growth

Young Tunisians who take part in U.S. exchange programs usually develop a strong desire to achieve impact in their communities. Their drive and entrepreneurial profiles allow them to contribute to the circle of economic growth as job and wealth generators.


The Back2Growth 6-month incubation program provided 10 Tunisian exchange program graduates from the U.S. with the opportunity to build and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and guide them towards creating their own startups focused on sustainable solutions for different social problems.

“We‘re empowering a new generation of change-makers.”

– Alaa Aridhi, Head of Programmes, WSH Tunis

Programme Benefits


Engaging youth in community volunteering to understand societal challenges from a hands-on perspective.

Entrepreneurial Capacity Building

Workshops, mentoring, and technical advisory to develop skills needed to launch and manage a social startup.

Transfer of Learnings

Panel discussions, webinars, and presentations to create visibility for the program, partners, and entrepreneurs, as well as educate more Tunisian youth on business and social impact.

Back2Growth benefits

Program Donors

Thank you to U.S. Embassy in Tunisia for offering opportunities to young Tunisians in the form of exchange programs, as well as this incubation program, contributing to social entrepreneurship in Tunisia. 

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