About Made in Makerspace

Introducing Made in Makerspace, our locally produced product line collection including a wide range of games, decor, and accessories.

Each of our products is carefully crafted by skilled team who use locally sourced materials to bring you high-quality and sustainable items. From our beautifully designed games to our eye-catching decor, each piece is made with care and attention to detail.

We’re proud to offer unique and stylish items that are crafted with care using the latest tools and techniques available in our makerspace in Rwanda.

WSHK Makerspace


WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Stand

Display your jewellery in style with our customizable acrylic jewellery stand! Personalize it with your name for a unique and stylish accessory that’s all your own.

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Phone STand

Phone Stand

Our phone stand is perfect for hands-free use while watching videos, making video calls, or following recipes. And with the option to brand it with your logo, it’s a great way to promote your business.

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Coaster


Add a touch of personality to your home with our collection of coasters. Each featuring a unique quote. Serve drinks and positive messages.

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Device and Accessories holder

Device Holder

Designed to keep your devices and accessories organized and easily accessible. The perfect addition to any desk, nightstand or workspace.

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - XO Game

XO Game

Upgrade your home decor and add some fun with our acrylic XO game! It’s both a stylish decor piece and a fun game for all ages.

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Chess Game

Chess Game

Elevate your game with our classic wood chess set. Crafted with quality materials, it’s perfect for players of all levels.

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Connect Four

Connect Four

Experience the timeless fun of Connect Four! Our game is perfect for all ages and skill levels, with simple rules and endless possibilities for strategic gameplay. Get ready to connect and win!

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Calendar


Stay organized and stylish with our wooden adjustable calendar! Easily adjusted to display the date and month. Perfect for your home or office.

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WSH Kigali - Made in Makerspace - Jenga Game

Jenga Game

The exciting new adaptation of Jenga! Perfect for players who love a challenge, this thrilling game combines balance and strategy. See who has the steady hand to become the Jenga champion!

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